Lauren Worsh

Work and Writings

A few possibilities for those who wish to work with me:

The Appetite Reset

The Appetite Reset is a 7-day learning immersion designed around a ceremony of empowerment and restoration. Learn to decommission old patterns of emotional eating, clarify and focus intention, and reawaken the original wild, living intelligence of your body, bringing your hungers into alignment with that which feeds your soul.


Empath Clinic: Healing, Clarity, and Skills for Sensitives

As empaths, most of us did not receive adequate training or mirroring specific to our particular developmental needs and issues, so we never really learned how to do life in an environment that we often experience as overwhelming. Nor did we receive good guidance rooted in clear perception of the energetic dynamics at play in society.

Empath clinic is a recurring online event in which we address those needs and offer a more accurate perspective on the gifts of sensitivity. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in Q&A.


Private Sessions

If you would like to work with me privately please drop me a note. More info about what that involves coming soon.