Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

about me


I am a teacher, writer, somatic empath and healer.

In my work I focus on supporting and guiding others through a process of (1) deprogramming — unwinding those aspects of our core conditioning that lock us into patterns of suffering, and (2) connecting with and embodying the deeper aspects of soul and Self that are ready to be activated, integrated, and allowed to blossom in your expression in the world.

I am here to help you remember how to get out of your own way so you can walk more gracefully the path of your deepest service and joy.

An inter-dimensional messenger, my contributions are offered in the spirit of invitation and peace. I remember in my cells the feeling of union, of unconditional joy, and of the infinite play of creation. I am excited about the possibilities facing humanity — for reinvention, transformation of culture and society, and spiritual awakening.

An observer of energies and patterns, I am fascinated by the the underlying subtle and causal architecture that gives rise to the observable world. Energy and its movements has always felt far more real to me than the explanations and definitions we paint on top of it all.

I walk a path of restoration and remembrance of original nature, multidimensional existence and sovereign being.

In my explorations of life and consciousness, I have experienced joy and grief both in intense measure. Wonder, amazement, loss, dances with death, financial insufficiency and a ten-year period of debilitating illness are all elements in this story.

My personal journey + my inner explorations + a voracious hunger for spiritual and practical knowledge + decades of experience as a yoga and meditation teacher and culture change agent have provided me with a deep insight into the needs and nature of soulful, service-inspired human beings, and a hunger to offer what I can of assistance to others who walk this way.

I am driven to understand the deep underlying dynamics that lock us into dysfunction, as individuals and as a species.

Of particular fascination to me are the mysteries of gender — in this realm, we have been incarnating into toxic (deceptive) gender constructs/conditions for hundreds of generations. It's my perception that the roots of our suffering lie in the extreme limitation and confusion coded into our gender conditioning, and that bringing yin and yang back into right relationship (within, between & among us) is the key to societal transformation and spiritual freedom.

I believe that the healing/wholing and spiritual awakening of the individual is inseparable from our collective healing and awakening, and yet that we also each operate as sovereign beings (fractals of the Whole endowed with free will). I think it will be in embracing and dancing with this paradox that we will discover together our capacity to create coherent new societies and worlds rooted in peace.

I believe our sense of possibility has been unnaturally confined, and that we've come to experience ourselves and our potentials in extremely limited ways, and that it can be far simpler than we imagine to free ourselves from this illusion. I believe the time we are living offers heightened potentials for transformation and the creation of new and brilliant futures.

I am honored to serve as a companion and guide to and through these territories to those who find their heart's call on this path.

It's my mission to create experiences that speak to your heart and answer your true needs, experiences that get you past patterns of suffering that have dominated your life, awaken deep insight, and generate enduring connection with your own deep clarity and power and reveal the grace of your singular way of being.

Empowerment is a process and a practice, one that involves the willingness to see and to change, to embrace the fertile zones beyond our comfort and conditioning, and a deep desire for manifest Good in our relations with all aspects of Self and Creation.

I am committed to the creation of new stories and new cultures that support the deepest potentials of the Heart.

Please play and explore this portal. I invite you to subscribe to my blog, join one of my programs, attend an event or work with me individually. Feel free also to share my offerings with your friends, if so moved.

May inspiration, peace and joy be with you.

With blessings of appreciation and love,