Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

Normal Is Not Natural

I feel blessed to know many who trust in tenderness. Who risk their hearts everyday, simply because they are still willing to feel how much they care.

In enjoying the willingness of each of you to engage vulnerably and in climbing inside of the perspectives you offer, there's a tension which challenges me: I seek resonance, relief, exchange, mutuality, communion, play, care, nurturing and the opportunity to nurture, to give what is mine to give.

And so too, I seek to embody my uniqueness without concession to the old rules of the game, the collective agreements to play small for the safety and stability of the tribe, for the comfort or acceptance of others.

A friend once said that our contemporary mass culture seems to be a structure and engine of alienation.

To me it feels like we've constructed this beautiful aspect of our humanity — our sincere longing to experience and feel the belonging that is the inherent foundation of reality — in opposition to our need to live the truest expression of our unique being and becoming. And this dilemma feels unnecessary and unnecessarily polarized, and in fact deranged and deranging. We've accepted the framing, individual VS. collective, and the "versus" is a damn lie. It is our normal, but it is not natural.

You know what else is normal? Suppression of your uniqueness. Of all your deepest gifts. Squeezing yourself into box after box, when not a single one of them can contain you.


In growth beyond the pathology that is normal and in moving into embodied sovereignty we reclaim our natural state of being, and in the process discover how profoundly out of tune the culture of normal is.

It is this tribe of sovereigns I long for.

And yes there's an implicit paradox. The sovereign is Self-complete. And... there's a "memory" in the soul of ways of being together and creating together that do not pit us against ourselves and each other.

I trust that, far and above anything I've encountered in the "normal" world.

Transforming Shame

It’s essential that we develop the capacity to not take our conditioning, and even our conditioned identity, personally. Equally essential is that we develop the will to unpack our own conditioning honestly, to the foundation.

The culture wars that are coming to a boil are inflamed because we take our conditioning personally, and feel shame in all the places that conditioning has alienated us from our original, noble nature. And then not having the will or the necessary skills to recognize and metabolize shame, and receive its gifts in the process, we react and project blame or stagnate in personalized, internalized shame.

No one taught us how to work with shame gracefully, effectively. No one taught us that it can illuminate and catalyze, like anger, but is never meant to hang around. It’s only visiting to deliver a message. Once we receive the message, which is just a reflection of where we are out of alignment with our own integrity, wholeness and dignity, shame is instantly metabolized. It's meant to touch us in the space of a moment, to activate insight and the will for change and self-honesty, and to be instantly transformed into self-love!

The most powerful medicines are toxic at the wrong dose or when we relate to them without respect.

Suppressing shame and outsourcing shame (we have a society and culture built to encourage both of these reactions) merely recycles shame. Shaming shame is also reactive and is not the answer. It has gifts for us. We have the capacity to metabolize it and transmute it. It was never meant to be used as a weapon against each other or against self; that is just defensive ego outsourcing the pain and rejecting the message, rather than receiving the message, the invitation and opportunity to create better alignment.

Discernment and letting go of the Great Forgetting

I was thinking about forgive but don't forget, that strategy. Wondering what it would be to forgive but not forget inside of an experience that does not rely on fixated ideas and beliefs.

In other words, what does it mean to forgive but not forget when the past is no longer needed for navigational guidance? When grievance is extinct? When the heart has awakened its full measure?


What if "forgetting" is an act of disrespect?

What if "forgetting" really just means that you agree to drop back into willful ignorance, which requires you to disconnect from your impeccable internal navigational system? Or to blunt it with neglect as you indulge in endless distraction and doubt?

To do this as a sort of confused bargain with 'the perpetrator' for your safety: "I'll pretend not to see the energy clearly, if that will keep you from killing, raping, enslaving or engulfing me."


Who do you think invented that bargain?

And who do you think it benefits?


Release the past, yes, it's not here anyway.

When willing to release false constructs that distort perception and interfere with your clear discernment, you become available to house the higher perceptual and creative capacities of your Being.

Among other things, this surrender confers clear discernment.

When clear discernment encounters the energy patterns and plays of deception and suppression, it recognizes that energy signature instantly.

Every Sovereign being is endowed with discernment.

This power of clear discernment is not one we were ever meant to give away.

Clear discernment is a birth right. As such it cannot be disabled or distorted without our consent.


So permit yourself to read the energy. And to keep getting better at it.

Once you become impeccable with your word you can allow yourself to trust your capacity to read energy clearly, without agenda.

Integrate continuously.

Once self-trust is restored through self-honesty it is discovered that there's no need to hold onto a set of rules and dogma, no need to hold on to knowledge of people's past behavior to know whether they are safe, whether they are fair, trustable, honest.

No need to pretend that you can't see clearly what you do see clearly, or that you can't feel what you indeed can and do.

No need to embellish, defend, diminish or deflate your powers. No need to apologize for them, or to ask permission to embody them.


No need to distrust your unique passion.

No need to compensate for your own past mistakes or perceived failings.


Navigating well requires none of those things. Those were all adaptations to a condition of perceived deficiency. And perceived threat.

Permit yourself Knowledge of your Self.

The idea that it is not safe to is from a different time.



Watching a slideshow of curated photos of Gaia, on an app that does these things, noticing that the one thing all the images have in common other than crazy beauty is that they show no trace of human civilization.

And I'm sinking into it, just gorgeous. Thinking this is the slideshow they show you when you're considering enrolling in that human on earth thing.

So you're all in.

But the human part of it, that's... a mess. You wouldn't be wrong to get weary of it. Beauty there too, sublime, beyond belief. But, until you remember where your peace resides — because that's one thing humans are genius at forgetting — and allow yourself to source there, the pain of humanity may obscure your clarity, your joy, your awareness of why you came. The lie of deficiency may seduce you.

Remember : Eros, who drew you down, will deliver you back to wholeness. Trust Her. When the time comes, your willingness to surrender into this trust will carry you.