Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

Declaration of Peace — 2017

Sunrise Over Decatur Island from Lopez Island, San Juan Islands, Washington

Sunrise Over Decatur Island from Lopez Island, San Juan Islands, Washington

Of your ancient mythic and cosmic enmities,
would you wish to bring all to peace now
if you knew it possible?

Declare it so and so it shall be.

Remember the present is a choice point.

When enough of us declare this peace with/in our own field, we create peace on earth.

This is an exciting time for humanity. This is when you get to spread your wings. To heal your heart of ancient pain. To release the imprints of suffering, loss, grief, betrayal, violation, separation.

To claim your voice.

To turn toward your friends and recognize each other once again, and forgive all ancient rivalries. Friends in all directions, dimensions welcomed 'back', their love you may receive.

We heal the heart.
We mend.
We reweave the matrices of coherence, safety, joy, pleasure, affection, kindness, deserving, discernment, trust... whatever is needed.

We are here. We complete, return to Source the trauma.

We expand to hold more of ourselves and we root this beauty deep into the core of the earth. In this rooting we receive abundant support and the resource we need to be who we are, do who we are, and have what we are: the fullness of our own Being. We radiate the joy of this completion, in full color through the galaxies and dimensions, offer it freely to be available to all Being.

We accept our wholeness, the bounty we long for.

2017 we welcome you with love and we trust in our deepest vision that what you offer is an opportunity for joy and the return to peace of heart.