Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

Normal Is Not Natural

I feel blessed to know many who trust in tenderness. Who risk their hearts everyday, simply because they are still willing to feel how much they care.

In enjoying the willingness of each of you to engage vulnerably and in climbing inside of the perspectives you offer, there's a tension which challenges me: I seek resonance, relief, exchange, mutuality, communion, play, care, nurturing and the opportunity to nurture, to give what is mine to give.

And so too, I seek to embody my uniqueness without concession to the old rules of the game, the collective agreements to play small for the safety and stability of the tribe, for the comfort or acceptance of others.

A friend once said that our contemporary mass culture seems to be a structure and engine of alienation.

To me it feels like we've constructed this beautiful aspect of our humanity — our sincere longing to experience and feel the belonging that is the inherent foundation of reality — in opposition to our need to live the truest expression of our unique being and becoming. And this dilemma feels unnecessary and unnecessarily polarized, and in fact deranged and deranging. We've accepted the framing, individual VS. collective, and the "versus" is a damn lie. It is our normal, but it is not natural.

You know what else is normal? Suppression of your uniqueness. Of all your deepest gifts. Squeezing yourself into box after box, when not a single one of them can contain you.


In growth beyond the pathology that is normal and in moving into embodied sovereignty we reclaim our natural state of being, and in the process discover how profoundly out of tune the culture of normal is.

It is this tribe of sovereigns I long for.

And yes there's an implicit paradox. The sovereign is Self-complete. And... there's a "memory" in the soul of ways of being together and creating together that do not pit us against ourselves and each other.

I trust that, far and above anything I've encountered in the "normal" world.