Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment


Watching a slideshow of curated photos of Gaia, on an app that does these things, noticing that the one thing all the images have in common other than crazy beauty is that they show no trace of human civilization.

And I'm sinking into it, just gorgeous. Thinking this is the slideshow they show you when you're considering enrolling in that human on earth thing.

So you're all in.

But the human part of it, that's... a mess. You wouldn't be wrong to get weary of it. Beauty there too, sublime, beyond belief. But, until you remember where your peace resides — because that's one thing humans are genius at forgetting — and allow yourself to source there, the pain of humanity may obscure your clarity, your joy, your awareness of why you came. The lie of deficiency may seduce you.

Remember : Eros, who drew you down, will deliver you back to wholeness. Trust Her. When the time comes, your willingness to surrender into this trust will carry you.