Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

Power isn't what you think it is

Our societies may relentlessly seek to seduce us into focusing on power ‘out there’ and love ‘out there’, in order to keep us caught in the felt-sense of powerlessness and lovelessness.

Our unconscious investments in powerlessness may whir along in the pattern that is their habit, under the radar of our self-awareness — creating and recreating the feeling of powerlessness internally.

Same with our unconscious investments in the patterning of unlove.

Even when you are actively challenging your vibrational patterning every day, and inventing new responses on the spot.

Confronted with the awareness of how much remains yet unconscious, it can be easy to dismiss or belittle the impact of your efforts.

Experiment : Power Play : curiosity + restfulness

Next time feelings of powerlessness or lovelessness seem to take over, try this experiment: get really curious. Get curious about what you have no interest in getting curious about, in your inner world or in the world at large.

It doesn’t matter what. Find some sincere curiosity in you and expand its scope to encompass things you’ve never been willing to presence or contemplate before.

Especially powerful is getting curious about the inner world and life experience of someone you don’t identify with at all. The less you identify with them, the more ‘other’ they feel to you, the more power in the process. And the more your actual power of wholeness liberates into your field of access.

The restfulness creates space, curiosity explores the new space. It's a pulsation.

The practice is to notice the subtle quality along the spectrum of
restful <———> restless
that you are meeting the moment with, and to choose in the noticing to allow more restfulness. Even if it’s a one-degree shift it counts.

I find it helpful to say out loud "I choose to allow myself to relax a tiny bit more right now."

Turn the dial down on your spiritual ambition, turn it up on your actual willingness to practice relaxing NOW, even just a little tiny bit.

The benefit comes from training the habit of choosing, not from how spectacularly you can shift your state in any given moment.

Training and rebuilding the nervous system and identity structure to a new fluidity of patterning, an identity responsive as plasma, a remembrance of an inner ease we’ve possibly never known before. Curious about possibilities, restful in the moment presenting.

That’s power.