Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment


when you feel surrounded by people meeting you with their hindbrain unchecked, on the hunt for a target, without even knowing what they do

when you find yourself alive to your heart and soul — in a culture that celebrates domination, indulges psychopathy, breeds narcissism, denies justice, and ridicules kindness, vulnerability, wisdom and integrity

you are not obligated to take on anyone else’s burden

it serves no one to be sheltered from the consequences of their choices and actions — let your loved ones and your “enemies” have full access to their impacts, and thus opportunity to grow themselves beyond the priorities and ghosts of our long hindbrain-focused era

sheltering the ego of the other is not helpful to anyone — even if most of us wish to be indulged this way, at least some of the time

integration of the hindbrain-driven self is possible but it will not get to happen if we try to suppress all impulses of deeper truth arising in and through us, and/or in and through “The Other”

let us shelter each other’s souls
and grapple with our egos
in love

coddling is not love’s deepest call