Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

5:30 PM17:30

Creating Secure Attachment: completing contracts of insecurity & misaligned attachment


This event will be held at 5:30 PM PST on Tuesday, January 30, 2017

We've begun in recent years to learn much about what constitutes a healthy attachment style, psychologically, and we're also beginning to understand that healthy attachment is a somatic phenomenon as much as it is a psychological one.

From the perspective of the soul it is revealed that our attachment patterning initiates, on a symbolic and energetic level, in our relationship with Self, Cosmos and GAIA. Through the "ages" we may have been impacted by traumatic experiences that, yet incomplete, resulted in a sense of disconnection from one's original mission or purpose as a soul. The soul may create grooves or karma of resistance to one's mission, to being incarnate on earth as a human. As souls we may have chosen to experience many varieties of insecure attachment... with GAIA. We may have forgotten it is possible to live in ease and intimacy with All That Is as a human on Earth.

Just as healthy and secure attachment relations within our human experience make life more enjoyable, allowing our soul to anchor fully into GAIA makes multidimensional existence more delicious. Secure attachment at this level changes the underlying template, and brings grace to our journey of healing and deepening of intimacy with all our relations.

During the ceremony we will call in the completion of our journeys with insecure attachment and activate the designs of true Source security and heart-centered relationship.

UPDATE: Registration for live participation in this event is now closed. You can still purchase and participate in the ceremony energetically, and you will receive a recording of the call once it is ready. Thank you!




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