Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment


upcoming ceremonies

Every quarter or so I convene and offer a ceremony of completion. (Virtual, by teleconference.) Each experience is an opportunity to bring focus to a deep and primary construct of separation consciousness that operates in the human imprint, and in particular, how it operates through you.

In bringing attention to these deep programs that create in our consciousness the conditions for all the flavors of suffering, we allow ourselves to consider the possibility that we may also retire these programs when it is time for us to do so. To graduate.

These experiences are created for the benefit of those who are ready to take responsibility for all aspects of their consciousness, who wish to retire the contracts of The Age of Suffering, and who wish to do so collaboratively, in the energetic embrace of a cohort of committed peers.

As ceremony, these events are energetic in nature: they meet you with what you are willing to bring. If you wish to decommission the deep constructs of limitation IN YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS and you are ready to complete the agreements you once made to SERVE through suffering, these rituals are a beautiful opportunity to create the space for COMPLETION within, and to liberate yourself into a higher octave of CREATIVE SERVICE IN JOY.

They are also an opportunity to contribute and collaborate IN HEART with a group of dedicated and devoted visionaries, emissaries, healers, lovers, artists, teachers and wayshowers. To create together NEW energetic (and morphogenetic) grooves in the Fabric.

If you resonate with the energy of these invitations, you will find much value here. I invite you, and would be honored for you to join us should you feel that resonance and share these commitments.

Each event is offered on a pay what you can basis, meaning, YOU decide the value this experience has for you and invest accordingly. I don't judge anyone by the size of their financial contribution. Given the way our economy works the currency amount can be but is not always the truest measure of your investment. It is the quality of your attention and generosity of spirit that creates a fair value exchange, not necessarily the $ amount. This work has deep value when you meet it with sincere commitment. Come in love, respect and honor. If you can afford to be generous financially, your funds help make this work available to all who wish to participate, and allow me to support myself as I deepen this body of work.

If you wish to participate, or think you may wish to at some point, please leave your information with me here, or keep an eye on this site. As the months go by you will also find all the past ceremonies archived here, and available in recorded form.

I will continue to publish information about each upcoming ceremony on this page and newsletter subscribers will receive an email announcing each ceremony as it is conceived and created.