Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

Fighting with Ghosts


Fighting with Ghosts


Healing Ancestral and Personal Trauma with Humor & Affection

A class for those who need some levity in their process.


Trauma grooves and patterns run deep. It helps to have a variety of tools and approaches for working with the patterns when they take hold.

Humor is an underappreciated ally, its medicine deeply needed, especially when we feel really stuck in cycles of suffering and trauma or when we are feeling particularly discouraged.

In this class I talk about what ancestral trauma is and how it intersects with personal trauma, and how to build your capacity to bring the expanded perspectives of humor to your healing approach.

The class completes with a powerful meditation to ground you in a practice that supports the cultivation of humor and a deeper capacity to take back your power when your ghosts are trying to pick a fight.