Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

For the sensitives & empaths


In the wild, female elephants encircle a birthing mother during labor, often stroking her and swaying along with her, trumpeting and sounding with her when the baby comes. They collectively welcome the newborn within the ring of their witnessing presence, protection and celebration.

This is the guiding vision for the space I am growing here:

May it be for you a gateway, a training ground, a place of loving witness, communion and re-union.

May you find here experiences and information that help you release all that no longer serves you, that awaken your deeper well-being and wholeness and reconnect you with your deepest gifts and purpose for being.

May you receive here reminders that spark your remembrance of why you came into this world at this time.

One thing I've noticed about empaths and sensitives is that most of us desire to live in service to something bigger than ourselves.

We long to contribute, to serve in ways that benefit ALL.

We want to participate in the creation of a society in which the gifts of all are valued, recognized and celebrated. Where beauty is appreciated in its countless forms, and where truth matters.

We want to serve and we want to PLAY, to create for love and for the joy of creation.

And as sensitives we are uniquely positioned to contribute in ways that DO have deep benefit to the Whole.

Because here's the thing... sensitivity is actually deep feeling intelligence and awareness.

Sensitivity is simply the condition of having more of your potential — your depth and dimensionality — activated. It is multidimensional sense-ability and intelligence. It is an awakened capacity to be aware of energy and its subtle movements and interplay.

When you are functioning in wholeness (rather than fragmentation), sensitivity is a symphony of intelligences that strengthens you and builds coherence.

All human beings have the potential of these capacities. Sensitives are simply those who arrived a little more turned on than the majority.

But sensitives rarely receive clear mirroring in infancy and youth (not to mention adolescence and adulthood). Instead we are mirrored in distorted ways that teach us there is something wrong with our perception and sense, or at the least, not entirely right. We are often misperceived and misunderstood.

Self-doubt and self-distrust get wired in early.

Our caregivers and communities, without conscious awareness, sometimes feel unnerved or subconsciously threatened by our natural gifts of perception and in mis-understanding these gifts condition us to suppress them.

There's an incongruence between our inner knowing & perception and the messages we receive from the world around us — crazy-making and seemingly irreconcilable — so we grow up not knowing which perceptions we can trust and confused about who we are and where our value lies.

Even if our gifts were not so much rejected as they were simply unnoticed, invisible to most of the people around us, it's rare that empaths receive the kind of mentoring, guidance, and encouragement we need to grow into making brilliant use of our capacities.

The gifts of energetic sensitivity and sense-ability require a very specific kind of nurturance and training — best offered in relationship with wise elders — those who know the territory because they've walked it themselves.

Lacking sensitive and seasoned nurturance and guidance, we get caught in our conditioned patterns of reactivity and hypersensitivity (of both psyche and soma), or of numbness, suppression and addiction. Or — perhaps true for most of us — both.

In the best of circumstances the path of the sensitive is not without its profound challenges — for an attuned sensibility is the mark of the spiritual initiate, of one who came to transform and complete patterns of human suffering within their own consciousness and experience... And through that to make the possibilities for widespread transformation and cultural renewal much more accessible to the many.

For awhile now, you've probably been re-educating yourself, coming gradually to recognize and honor the value in your sensitivity. Perhaps you've come to understand that this is a training, a path of mastery, one that requires the support of a community of true peers.

Healing the energy bodies, and the psyche & soma, is a deep process that involves every level of one's being.

In a social, physical and energetic environment that is full of static & noise, interference & deception and predators & parasites, sensitives need serious skills.

Learning how to make your way in this world — with grace, in peace, in health, in creative joy and spiritual freedom — this is in part what we came here to do:

To retire the old story of service through suffering and to birth the new era of service through joy.

To embody these truths such that they become more available to the collective of humanity at large.

To reveal in our living and in our creations and our very flesh the new possibilities awakening for humanity.

To create together a new story for humanity and for Gaia, to open the doorways to the brilliant and beautiful futures that await us.

Seasoned sensitives who embody their gifts with joy are natural leaders, healers, and teachers. Some of us may lead "under the radar", simply by coming into the coherence of our deepest being, radiating peace and wisdom while leading a quiet life. Others take on roles that look more like those we have traditionally called leadership.

Whichever is your way, the depth of your offering, your signature transmission, is needed here. To allow yourself to embody your joy, your well-Being, your awakened, intelligent sense-ability, is a path of great generosity.

It is my deepest wish to serve you in your healing and wholing, in retraining your systems and consciousness so you may access the higher octaves of your integrated Self-expression while living a deeply embodied life.
May you find support for this journey in this space.

Thank you for being here.