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The Appetite reset
(coming in 2019)


The Appetite Reset is a learning immersion and vibrational alignment process, designed to help you to release distorted eating patterns and align your appetites with the needs of your deepest fulfillment.


Learn to:

⋆ Get clear about your relationship with food — what works and what no longer serves you

⋆ Relate to your food habits with deeper understanding, self-respect and clarity

⋆ Open the pathways to deep change

⋆ Release the confusion and conflicts of competing dietary dogmas

⋆ Break the ancestral codes that lock in the underlying patterns of food addiction

⋆ Decommission old patterns of emotional eating

⋆ Re-calibrate the compass of your hungers

⋆ Reawaken the wild, original intelligence of your sense-abilities

⋆ Become an artist of self-nourishment : eat with absolute pleasure and attuned desire

⋆ Learn how to consciously collaborate with the microbiome

⋆ Create vibrant new patterns that generate their own momentum

Sensate group: A community for empaths & Sensitives

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As sensates, most of us did not receive adequate training or mirroring specific to our particular developmental needs and issues, so we never really learned how to navigate this world well as the sensitive creatures we are. As a result, most sensates benefit from a (re)education that illuminates:

⋆ our dysfunctional patterns in relationship and how to evolve beyond them

⋆ what healthy boundaries really are and how to finally get good at them

⋆ why empaths are leading the pack in healing collective trauma and awakening new possibilities for humanity

⋆ how to hone your self-trust

⋆ why serving through joy and Self-honor is far more effective than serving through suffering

Sensate is a private online group for women and those assigned female at birth in which I offer resources, education, and reflections on the path of the sensitive soul.