Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

Group Programs


Sensate: aN Online group for empaths & Sensitives

As sensates, most of us did not receive adequate training or mirroring specific to our particular developmental needs and issues, so we never really learned how to navigate this world well as a sensitive creature.

Sensate is a Private Facebook group in which I offer resources, education, and reflections on the path of the sensitive soul.

Membership in the group currently includes free access to The Clarity Councils — regular interactive teleconference gatherings in which I address the needs of sensates and offer a more accurate perspective on the gifts of sensitivity and sense-ability.


The Appetite reset
(coming in Spring 2018)

The Appetite Reset is a 7-day learning immersion designed around a ceremony of empowerment and restoration. Learn to decommission old patterns of emotional eating, clarify and focus intention, and reawaken the original wild, living intelligence of your body, bringing your hungers into alignment with that which feeds your soul.