Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

what is higher octave embodiment?

Essentially, higher octave embodiment is a process of making space in your body/mind for more of who you are. To allow the wholeness and vastness you are to in-form your body and psyche, right down into the cells and DNA.

This is the invitation.

For millennia our full dimensionality has been exiled to unconsciousness. Long we have been calling ourselves back to awareness, and yet the trance of unnecessary limitation and imbalance has been strong.

Now the trance is weakening.

The invitation is to turn toward what we have been unwilling to see and unwilling to feel and unwilling to embody and to become willing to learn how to BE with it, in grace. There is an undeniable intensity in this process. It asks us to grow our capacity to bring ease to experiences of discomfort.

The gift inside this turning-towards is a dawning recognition and awakening felt-sense of our creative power, which is beyond conception.

We are sparking ourselves and each other back into awakening, quickening remembrance of our original wholeness and holiness.

Now is the time. Mind and body opening to spirit, spirit descending into form to illuminate our consciousness from within.

Some people call this ascension. I think there are less problematic ways of naming what is happening, but the philosophers of ascension are pointing to something true, as I perceive it: that there is a kind of collective quickening happening, an expansion of consciousness that is bringing into our awareness the full dimensionality of our existence. In addition, this expansion of consciousness is lifting to the surface the shadows we've been suppressing for so long.

As we expand we become capable of shining the light of loving awareness into our shadowed places, quickening those stagnant energies into movement so that the patterns of power-sickness, yin/yang imbalance, dis-ease, scarcity, and separation can self-liberate. In this way the individual empowers and heals itself.

At the same time we are remembering our higher octave capacities for collaborative creation (co-creation), activating those potentials within us that restore our abilities to move back into right relationship with each other and with All That Is. We are recreating culture, within us and around us.

The opportunities before us are extraordinary. It's my joy to assist others on this journey as we navigate together these turbulent and exciting times.