Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

one-on-one work

This work is designed to help you:

  • break through and transform resistant patterns and habits

  • clear old stagnant energies and restore coherence in your field

  • heal and alchemize trauma and histories of victimization

  • awaken the power that transcends systems of domination and exploitation

  • transform unsupportive habits and shift beyond the behaviors, thoughts, and vibrational patterns of separation

  • come home to your essential creative nature as love and unconditional joy

  • anchor patterns of ease and happiness

We all need people in our lives that are true mirrors, people who see us soul to soul. This is the essence of the gift I offer β€” to meet you out beyond the learned limitations of your patterns and conditioned identity and help you to dissolve all the false barriers and programs that obscure the brilliance of your true nature and your unique genius.

The process involves:

  • energy work

  • somatic and emotional exploration

  • ancestral healing

  • intuitive guidance

  • teaching of new mental frameworks

  • deprogramming

  • coaching

  • multidimensional activation

  • awareness training

  • vibrational medicine

Private sessions are ideal for focusing in on a specific issue or ongoing pattern that has been resistant to your attempts to transform. We get in there and take a look at what is going on on an energetic level, revealing the underlying and subconscious programs that are perpetuating the pattern.

You will receive an energetic attunement, awaken a deeper clarity of understanding and self-love, and will leave with a game plan that will help you focus your energy and attention in ways that actually create change.

Private Mentoring is for those who are ready to step into the life and purpose they were born for, no more excuses, distractions or playing small.

Over the weeks and months that we work together you will transform the whole way your energy organizes itself, completing patterns that do not serve, creating ease and peace in your daily experience, and stepping into new levels of flow, abundance, creativity and purpose.

If you think you may be interested in mentoring I invite you to schedule a free 20 minute call with me to explore any questions you may have and to feel into whether it’s a good fit. You can schedule that here.

Please reach out if you have any questions. I look forward to connecting with you!

All sessions are conducted by Skype or Zoom, or by telephone. If you are local (Portland, Oregon) there is an option to do some sessions in person.