Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

Every one of us needs people in our lives that are true mirrors, people who see us soul to soul, deeply and clearly, beyond projection.

My work is to walk alongside you for a time as a peer and mentor, as you continue to awaken and refine your inner guidance. To help you shift beyond the behaviors, thoughts, and vibrational patterns of fear and trauma.

The work we do together goes deep: we will address the core structures of your identity and patterning so you will have opportunity to both activate your dormant, multidimensional Self system and to (gently) deconstruct those aspects of your fear-based operating system that are no longer serving you well.

In a sense, I am acting as a facilitator between you and your multidimensional team (which is really a soulfully cosmic collective of aspects of YOU, sourced in your Sovereign Being, in Union with All-That-Is).

Basically, you contract with me to connect with your signature vibration and the qualities of your expanded self and to mirror and resonate those frequencies back to you.

YOU are working through me to re-awaken a deeper Self-connection and the felt-sense-remembrance of your own signature frequencies.

As a somatic and cellular empath, I simply tune in and broadcast from You to you, calibrating to a tone that you can "hear", feel, or understand.

It's a comprehensive process, involving energy work, somatic and emotional exploration, intuitive guidance, teaching of new mental frameworks, coaching, multidimensional activation, awareness training, and vibrational medicine.

Over the weeks and months that we work together you will have the opportunity to transform the whole way your energy organizes itself, creating coherence in the field that is YOU by completing patterns that do not serve and activating and stabilizing new patterns that reflect and express your essential Being. Your consciousness will expand and clarify and become more integrated and anchored in your body.

Please reach out if you are interested in exploring this work with me or if you have any questions. I look forward to connecting with you!

All sessions are conducted by Skype or Zoom, or by telephone. If you are local (Portland, Oregon) there is an option to do some sessions in person.