Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment


to unwind the lie of inadequacy

to surrender the defenses

to reclaim your innocence

to develop deeper discernment

to see your self-dishonesty

to cultivate impeccability

to restore your coherence

to own your space

to release attachment to particular themes of suffering

to bring loving presence to your patterns of suppression

to relax the most stubborn of habits and create space for the new

to liberate the energies stuck within your patterns of dis-ease

to stop using spirituality as an escape

to let yourself be seen and heard

to embody your wholeness

to let your heart lead

Those of us who know, who've always known, that we chose to be here — on this planet at this time — are awakening to remembrance of our purpose in coming. There are a lot of us going through this, and we're finding each other.

True, maybe before we signed up we didn't quite get how brutal it can be here, or how confusing. Maybe we didn't know how attached we'd become to our ways of coping and our smaller identities and our bodies of suffering.

Letting go of all that is false and all that is rooted in the lies of separation and fear challenges us to the core.

If you are energetically sensitive and among those who've always found the ways of our world hard on the heart it's not like I'm telling you anything new. Turns out, those capacities and experiences are a good indicator that you came here to serve from the depths of your soul.

In the course of remembering who we are and what we came for, all the layers of avoidance, trauma, and fear push up to the surface. They must because as long as we are suppressing them they remain unconscious and they function to disconnect us from Self-knowing. So if the intention to remember Self is there (even if it's barely conscious) all that served to keep us in forgetfulness must be surrendered back to Source.

I call this process the ripening of ancestral trauma. In a deeper sense, the process represents the most profound opportunity for the completion of ancestral trauma.

The ripening of the trauma is a spiritual initiation. It commences the process that allows the story of separation to complete, to Self-liberate.

What complicates things is that for most of us this process started happening before we really even became aware that the pain and illness and crisis we've been experiencing are rooted in ancient trauma, were born of old, ancient stories of violation and separation. This is not to say that there haven't been experiences in our current lives that are genuinely traumatizing — only that it didn't start here, and that what you are feeling goes deeper than the mind can grasp. The process is collective and cosmic in scope.

When we're not aware that all this ancestral pain is arising for potential of completion, it can be re-traumatizing. Those who feel deeply are often those most likely to have gotten caught in looping trauma patterns.

if you recognize yourself in this, know that you are not alone.

Consider the possibility that this need not be a lonely and isolating process.

Know that there are ways to interrupt the patterns. Ways of becoming present with your suffering and fear that break the cycles of re-traumatization and dis-ease. Ways to thrive, as a sensitive, in this world.

We are living through the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. We are participating, as multidimensional consciousness, in the birth of the new world. It's astonishing. Exquisite. And deeply challenging and disruptive.

Every one of us needs people in our lives that are true mirrors, people who see us soul to soul, deeply and clearly, beyond projection. We need clarity, connection and community (common unity).

My work is to walk alongside you as a peer and mentor, as you continue to awaken and refine your inner guidance. To help you shift beyond the behaviors, thoughts, and vibrational patterns of fear and trauma.

The work we do together goes deep: we will address the core structures of your identity and patterning so you will have opportunity to both activate your dormant, multidimensional Self system and to (gently) deconstruct those aspects of your fear-based operating system that are no longer serving you well.

In a sense, I am acting as a facilitator between you and your multidimensional team (which is really a soulfully cosmic collective of aspects of YOU, sourced in your Sovereign Being, in Union with All-That-Is).

Basically, you contract with me to connect with your signature vibration and the qualities of your expanded self and to mirror and resonate those frequencies back to you.

YOU are working through me to re-awaken a deeper Self-connection and the felt-sense-remembrance of your own signature frequencies.

As a somatic and cellular empath, I simply tune in and broadcast from You to you, calibrating to a tone that you can "hear", feel, or understand.

It's a comprehensive process, involving energy work, somatic and emotional exploration, intuitive guidance, teaching of new mental frameworks, coaching, multidimensional activation, awareness training, and vibrational medicine.

For this reason the minimum commitment I ask when working with an individual, once we've had a free call to determine if it's a mutual fit, is a 3 session, 2-3 week foundation-creation process. If you feel you've already created a strong foundation and your intent is to anchor and strengthen your coherent Self system, I recommend the 2 month Immersion package.

All sessions are conducted by Skype or Zoom, or by telephone. If you are local (Portland, Oregon) there is an option to do some sessions in person.

Please note that whether we are to work together is a matter of resonance. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of working with me I ask that you schedule a free 20-minute connection call. We'll get a chance to feel into the energies then.


Thank you for being here at this time.


Mentoring: Free Intro Session

This is a free 20 minute intro session for the purpose of determining whether one-on-one work together is a good fit.


Mentoring: Foundation

This package includes 3 private sessions with me over the course of 2 weeks + energetic support throughout.


Mentoring: Immersion

This package includes 9 private sessions with me over the course of 2 months + energetic support throughout.