Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

Sensate group


A living, intelligent space for
soulful, devotional, r/evolutionary
women and genderqueer
empaths and sensitives

to come together,

to heal, reveal, reckon with and dismantle the systematized histories we’ve carried in our cells
in our consciousness
and in our cultures.

To mirror each other clearly from a depth beyond

> all patriarchal imprints
all white-supremacist imprints
all hetero-cis-supremacist imprints
all colonial misinformation
and interference <

and to celebrate and heal
and evoke
the deeper & higher octaves of our free expression
and create together
in the radiance of our Origins.

We come together to deconstruct, decolonize consciousness and culture, to mirror each other true, and to bring to life —through the portal of our cocreative synergy— the visions our hearts share.

At the moment my focus is on creating a space online for the gathering of those who are:

  • empath-y

  • were assigned the female gender at birth (AFAB)

  • waking from the trances of colonialist conditioning and trauma specific to the AFAB experience in white-supremacist cis-het-patriarchal societies

  • on a path of self-empowerment and awakening sovereignty

  • ready / able / willing to commit to accountability and attending with love, along with the rest of us, to the care, tending, and growth of our WE-space

Please know: It is a great desire of mine to collaborate in the future with those who have created similar communities for men and AMAB who are gathering to do similar work together — but right now this is not my focus. Nor am I equipped to lead such groups myself.

The work I am moved to focus on currently is specific to the decolonization process for those who were raised up to perform femaleness and femininity within a culture that is rooted in the colonization of yin energies.

(Yep. That mouthful.)

I am aware how needed are spaces of similar integrity that specifically focus on the needs of men and AMAB… If you are fit for the job, consider creating and leading such groups! It is so essential that these spaces come into being.

In the meantime, please know it is not my intent to discourage the desire of any man who longs for places of true belonging and healing in which his needs are deeply seen, met and honored. I celebrate the courage and dignity of need of anyone who knows this longing.

The decolonization work before us requires the creation of protected memberships that focus on the needs of a particular groups to the exclusion of others. It is necessary that people who share identities that have been colonized have opportunity to gather in groups exclusively dedicated to their particular needs. To be clear, this is one of those things.

(Also to be clear, I’m not inviting debate on this. You are free to disagree but that’s not my business. If you try to make it my business, you can expect no response from me. The emergence of groups that legitimately include allofus, and focus on truth and reconciliation work, healing and learning, deconstructing and rebuilding together, this too is essential… and I look forward to the day I am actively engaging more in this work as well… but for the time being…this is my focus. Thank you for respecting that.)