Lauren Worsh

Higher Octave Embodiment

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a private Facebook group

Hello, and thank you for your interest!

This is a space for
soulful, devotional, r/evolutionary
women and AFAB (assigned female at birth)
empaths and sensitives

to come together,

to heal, reveal, reckon with and dismantle the systematized histories
we’ve carried in our cells
in our consciousness
and in our cultures.

We come together to

mirror each other clearly from a depth beyond

> all patriarchal imprints
all white-supremacist imprints
all hetero-cis-supremacist imprints
all colonial misinformation and interference <

and to celebrate and heal
and evoke
the deeper & higher octaves of our free expression
and create together

worlds and works of beauty, of truth
from the depths and radiance of our Origins.

We come together
to deconstruct,
decolonize consciousness and culture,
to mirror each other true, and to bring to life
—through the portal of our cocreative synergy—
the visions our hearts share.

My focus with this project is to create a space of connection online for those who are:

  • empath-y

  • genuine, kind, mature and grounded

  • on a path of self-empowerment and awakening sovereignty

  • ready / able / willing to commit to accountability and attending with love (along with the rest of us) to the care, tending, and growth of our group WE-space

  • waking from the intersectional trances of colonialist conditioning and trauma specific to the female/AFAB experience in patriarchal white-supremacist societies

  • interested in taking responsibility for all that is yours to own and to heal

  • here to serve in love, for the benefit & joy of all

If you feel resonant and aligned with this vision + these values, please join us!

There are a few quick questions that you’ll need to answer when submitting your request to join the Facebook group at the link below. Thank you in advance for honoring and respecting our vision and guidelines.

Please note: this is a group for women and those who were conditioned into feminine gender identities as children. For my male, transwomen and genderqueer AMAB friends, I am aware how needed are spaces of similar integrity that specifically focus on the needs of men and AMAB… I long for the existence of such spaces. If you are fit for the job, consider creating and leading such groups! It is so essential that such communities come into being.