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Ancestral Healing

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Ancestral Healing

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Ancestral healing sessions are ideal for focusing in on a specific issue or ongoing pattern that has been resistant to your attempts to transform. We get right in there and take a look at what is going on on an energetic level, revealing the underlying and subconscious programs that are perpetuating the pattern.

I will help you to find the leverage to shift into a radically empowered approach. (Radical = right to the roots.)

You will receive an energetic attunement, awaken a deeper clarity of understanding and self-love, and will leave with a game plan that will help you focus your energy and attention in ways that support integration of the healing and change created in our work together.

I offer a sliding scale from $100 - $250. If $175 is out of reach for you feel free to choose the discount option, and if you’ve financial abundance in your life and it feels right to you, consider the +a little something investment.

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